Glass Elevator Media Company

Several decades ago, before vertical integration and quarterly earnings drove decision making, the major entertainment studios nurtured their stable of creators through a carefully crafted atmosphere of collective inspiration. More like a creative kibbutz than an office building, innovation, collaboration and productivity were natural byproducts of the open culture.

In more recent times, Silicon Valley adopted that same ethos and the tech world has prospered; the most dramatic media disruptors have emerged and with significantly more market power than the Hollywood establishment ever had. It’s our belief this success is one part the infusion of interactive technologies in every decision, the other a direct byproduct of this cooperative environment.

Glass Elevator’s Production Incubator embraces this model, applying the basic principles of tech start-ups and creative collectives to entertainment entrepreneurship. Our goal is to catalyze glass-shattering creative lift, through access to capital, talent and markets.

Since launching in February 2012, we have welcomed a select group of creators of mixed platforms and genres into Glass Elevator’s shared business and creative infrastructure, introducing them to our network of writers, editors, experts in story development, production, tech development, strategic planning, distribution, branding and monetization. The collaborative results includes comedic web series, unscripted television, feature films, non-fiction books, live performance and technology applications, some of which you can see throughout our site.

We have a great deal of respect for people who create intellectual property and don’t want to give up creative control or financial upside. Anyone who wants you to make meaningful sacrifices in these two areas is not truly investing in you.

If you think you are a potential Glass Elevator creator, please consider that we are focused on long-term value creation.  In fact, we embrace our role as risk takers, making decisions based on a combination of data and instinct.  Though we have offices in New York and Los Angeles, we are not typical Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Times Square or Wall Street. We’re named after a visionary invention after all, traveling in every imaginable direction and resolute in breaking through.

Enjoy yourselves,
The Elevator Maintenance Dept.